Changing Lives

I was one who had lost my way. When I came to the end of myself and cried out to Jesus, He came to me and submerged me with the Holy Spirit!!! I praise God for the misery I lived for without it I might not have come to my right mind and returned to my Father. Hallelujah!!! 4 years ago in January!!! After 17 years of wandering away!!
-Kim Mcmahon 
-Altar Call 1978 Everlasting Life Concert in Anaheim

My mother and step dad came forward to accept Christ and are are standing in the front roll in the middle in the black shirt and my mom in the white coat. I did not know they had come to the crusade and accepted  Christ because the lights were so bright and I couldn’t see those that had come forward. A friend of mine took pictures and asked me if I wanted a copy and I got them from him and was shocked to see them in the picture. They are with the Lord now and both died believing in the Lord. Thank you JESUS.